The New Hands of Old Gods

The End To a Long Day

The Puppet Master Pulls His Strings

They all sat around him after a long night without decent rest and many pieces of the puzzle unanswered. Where was their friend? What would they do with the rouge? What was this disease, is it even worth investing time into? Each and every person was left with these questions floating around in their heads. In that moment it was Meihizan who spoke first, “This place has changed us…look at who we are and what we’ve done here…we all came here wanting to help our friend and this city but have only acted irrationally. I never would have expected the will of our monk to break, or the composure of our warlord to fall…or for me to put myself and my wants before the needs of innocent lives again”….he says as his eyes come from the ground and glance over his companions. “we have to look at who we are and decide what we want to happen…we have to make decisions rationally and as a group once again, I will not allow myself to be apart of an evil party again….look at what we did when we came here we went right for the oasis not bothering to investigate the plague upon this city, and then we gambled away time …precious time…” as he begins to speak more his speech is interrupted by Willken Eversight who enters the door to Axiouse’s home with a cloth covering his face. “I hate to interrupt…but i have news…many of those who were disease have dies through the night and the town is in an uproar over it…they demand a cure from the king and the priests..and there’s more a man with half a golden mask who claims he has a cure approaches the city and among him are all sorts of people from the crowd who dawn a wooden mask on the opposite side of their faces than his… i believe the puppet master has come out of the shadows”….



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