The New Hands of Old Gods

The Spirits walk amongst the living

What was incompleted must be completed.

The second level of the mine is dark and damp as the morning dew. Old dust clings to your footsteps and the smell of iron from blood fills your nose…the bellows of the spirit forge have been found…and soon the tongs of the forge will be made one again…. So much has happened. Now with the items in hand, a dead father lost to the hands of death, and an elven prisoner who sat at work for hundreds of years awaits his freedom although the concept he does not understand. What awaits you all further in this place…in the realm of the dwarves and their Spiritmine. You and your companions move further into the mine with the crystal monolith at your heels…only one last piece to the tongs of the forge remains and then its to the last floor…. The forge…a pulsuation can be felt in your soul…like a reverberation…its almost audible….and the words of Lubaths father echo in your ears…“you will have to face the inner impurities of your soul before this place can be cleansed and the hammer restored”….what can this mean?



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