The New Hands of Old Gods

Shaken Past

The travel only takes a couple days through the dessert, and you only see a few travelers here and there, for the dessert has only a few people it spits out upon the world every now and then. Then, you see it, the large vast moving sea of sand and next to it a small dessert village. It has a single large spire in it as the kings court and the village lightly rests scattered about it. It feels broken, dilapidated, as if someone had shattered the already broken. Then, like a sore thumb directly next to it sits a lush green tropical forest with geysers pouring out air off the top of two mountains, and surrounding theses two mountains are six more smaller mountains bent toward the larger ones. It seems like such a peculiar sight in the middle of nothing. Clearly this doesn’t belong here….“what is this place??”..pen asks in mild awe of the spectacle saying what all are thinking…..all but one…Axious steps forward and speaks in his usual simple but powerful tone….“This is the traveling Oasis….my home…”….when you get closer there appears to be a ring of finely decorated garbed men surrounding the perimeter of the oasis…primarily near the edge of Shaken Sands….things feel tense…..what could be going on.



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