The New Hands of Old Gods

Paying The Toll of A Hero

City Of Sapphire: The First Settlement of Io

Its been one month since the confrontation with Katar. Each and ever person has been recovering in some way shape or form. Sometimes the stifled screams can be heard from Silence’s room at night. To have died and come back in a world where there are no gods….one cant simply walk away from that without having been scared. To others, its re-learning how to use their arms and hands again. The pain in theme is always there….Not everything has been given yet though…The Oasis plans to stop at one place before departing the surface world once more, and its the exact place the dragonborn declared war on the world: Shaken Sands. However now it now holds a new name: City of Sapphire The First Settlement of Io….



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